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As a former teacher and current non-profit leader, I know the importance of casting a clear vision. Without defined goals, it is difficult to be successful. While serving as an educator, I used data to set ambitious goals and track progress of each of my students. As a non-profit leader, I rely on data to show the impact of the organization and push for even greater outcomes.  
As a community member, I expect nothing less than the best. When I think about the environment that I want my future children to grow up in, thoughts of thriving businesses, exceptional schools, and safe communities all come to mind. If I had to guess, you and I share similar expectations.  
Across our county, there is great disparity. Development is reserved for certain communities.  High-quality facilities are accessible to some students. Select community leaders are made aware of resources and given a seat at the table. The idea that we are getting more is challenged by all of the lack that we continue to experience—closing grocers, closing schools, closing businesses. In times like these, the best solution is to work with each other to create a clear vision of where our county will be in the next 4 years. By focusing on people and solutions, I truly believe that we can navigate our communities—from Orange Mound to Alcy Ball to Sherwood Forest—into a flourishing future. 
I will run again for public office because I believe that we deserve better. Better education.  Better economics. Better engagement. Together, nothing can limit our ability to advocate for our students, our workers, and our small businesses. Over the next couple of months, I encourage you to join the growing movement of citizens who are ready to try new things to get new outcomes. Our collective voice will create the clear vision needed to establish our county as one of the most equitably developed and prosperous areas of Shelby County.  

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Britney Thornton is a native Memphian from Orange Mound. A master social worker, licensed educator, and former law student, Britney has found her passion as a community organizer.  A graduate of Baylor University and the University of Pennsylvania, she has called Memphis home for 32 years.


Founder of the non-profit JUICE Orange Mound, Britney continues to challenge systems of oppression by thinking of new and creative ways to address old issues.  Under her leadership, she mobilized residents to invest over $12,200 in spare change to fund community-based initiatives. Innovative, personable, and driven, Britney is ready to be a public servant.


Intentionally building relationships across the city for the past 7 years, Britney has become aware of many unacknowledged disparities in our neighborhoods. One theme continues to be clear: we deserve better. 

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Thank you so much! Let's win :D

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